i’ve been housesitting for my grandparents and i can hear cows mooing at night #littletexasthings

so i haven’t had a soda in a month and i’m already starting to slim down a lot like i’m fitting into extra smalls i’m so happy

like i follow a bunch of stans because i love talking about music but i can’t handle y’all constantly accusing other people’s faves of copying… doesn’t it get tiring?

like how does katy perry copy anything… give me receipts. and not a collage made by some peruvian little monster of katy and gaga wearing green dresses

i remember in high school this girl made a presentation about how the mosque built at ground zero was disrespectful, y’all remember that story right? well anyway when she was done i rose my hand and said “you know that muslims worship the same god you do, right?”

The Cardigans - Lovefool
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lms if you’ve seen my penis i need a headcount

wanting. needing. waiting. for you. to justify my love. I'm open... and ready. LOVE ME.

the closest way to get to my heart is by reciting madonna lyrics to me.


when you message somebody and it says “seen” and they don’t reply